The Bale Ripper: An Introduction Guide (2022)

Bale Ripper

What is the Bale Ripper?

The Kooima Ag® Bale Ripper is a must-have when it comes to mixing full round bales in your mixer wagon. The bale ripper kit is designed to get complete bales into your mixer wagon faster. This is done by the bale ripper coming around and grabbing pieces from the bale to get it to the knives quicker.

Is the bale ripper made in the USA?

Yes! At Kooima Ag, we make the majority of our products in our plant in Rock Valley, Iowa. We welcome customers to come and see their products being made!

How will the bale ripper help me with my application?

The bale ripper kit will help you save time and money. We have consistently seen 15-20 minutes less mixing time. It will also help by taking away some of the wear and tear to your mixer wagon and auger. The bale will not be sitting on your auger for near as long with the Bale Ripper installed.

Do I need special knives to use with the Bale Ripper?

No, any mixer knives will work with the bale ripper. However, we recommend using the bale ripper with the Kooima Ag® serrated mixer knives installed below for faster mixing and longer-lasting, more aggressive edges. Using Kooima Knives™ will give you the best results.

How do I know if the bale ripper will fit my mixer?

We made different versions of the bale ripper to ensure that it will fix your mixer. Currently, we have Bale Rippers for Penta™ Tornado and Hurricane augers, Supreme™, Valmetal®, Triolet®, MaxiMixer™, Jay-Lor®, Art’s Way™, Diamond™, Haybuster®, and Kuhn Knight® mixer wagons.

Where do I install the Bale Ripper?

The installation of the bale ripper will depend on the type of mixer you have. For Penta™ Tornado augers, you will need to drill holes into the side of your auger and bolt the bale ripper in place. We have an installation video you can watch to help you with this process. As for the other bale rippers, you can install them right on top of the knife in the second knife slot. This will give you the best placement for your bale ripper.

How long will the Bale Ripper last?

This depends on the size of your operation. The more use the bale ripper has, the faster it will wear. We did install tungsten carbide on the high wear edge of the bale ripper to give it an extended wear life.

How do I know when to replace the Bale Ripper?

You should replace your Bale Ripper when the edges start to wear. It is good to check the edges of your bale ripper at the same time you are checking your mixer knives. Depending on usage, these could need to be replaced at the same time.

How can I get more information about the bale ripper?

Start saving time and money by investing in a bale ripper to get you feeding faster! Call our knowledgeable sales team today to talk about the right options for you! Call us at 800-522-8874 or email us at [email protected].

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