Zak - Metallurgist


Kooima Ag takes pride in providing high-quality parts to our customers. One way we can ensure this is by having a metallurgist on staff. Meet our in-house metallurgist, Zak!

Zak has been with Kooima Ag for six years; he started in the fall of 2015. Zak is a degreed metallurgist. As a metallurgist, Zak tests different metals to see what will work best in different operations. He is equipped with high-tech machines to cut and polish samples to test under the microscope. He does this to study laser welding or laser cladding, also known as laser metal deposition (LMD or DMD). Metallurgy helps ensure the quality of all your products. One of Zak’s favorite things about working at Kooima Ag is the freedom to pursue improvements in the products. He also likes knowing that what we do here helps hardworking farmers across the country and the world.

Zak enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, BBQ, and brewing beer. He and his family live in Beresford, SD. He and his wife Bethany have been married for 15 years. Together, they have two children; Shade is 14, and Hunter is 6.

Thank you, Zak, for all you do at Kooima Ag and for our customers!