Bale Ripper (Counter-Clockwise Rotation)

Kooima Ag #K385067

Weight: 15.00 lbs

We have been testing our new bale ripper kits in different mixer wagons and there is a noticeable difference when you use the bale ripper and when you don't.

If you put full complete round bales in your mixer wagon, this bale ripper kit results in less time processing the bale. We have seen consistent 15-20 minutes of mixing time shaved off of each bale, as the bale gets brought down into the knives faster. We have also seen less fuel and less wear and tear on your mixer wagon. This is because the heavy bale doesn't sit on your auger. The bale ripper works best when Kooima Ag serrated knives are installed below the ripper, giving you even faster mixing times with longer lasting knife edge. The bale ripper has a tungsten carbide edge which gives it a long wear life.

Bolt kit: K144734BK

  • 2 bolt kits needed

***Used with counter-clockwise rotation augers only***

* All bale wrap needs to be removed when using a bale ripper. *

Patent Pending

Compatible models:
  • Kuhn Knight® Vertical Mixers

K385064 & K685067 Bale Ripper Install Instructions

Install Instructions


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