USED 2019 Domai 25 Foot Direct Cut Head - Claas® Hookup

Kooima Ag #K760CLFUSED

Weight: 8,650.00 lbs

This Used 2021 head has a Claas® 494-502 series hookup. It has only been through 1100 acres.

This is a Dominoni brand Direct Cut Head model MPD 760 and it is 25 feet wide. It is used for cover crops, cereal grains, barley, oats, wheat as well as drought corn or stalks. It is well known for its large feeding drum and can outperform any other direct cut head on the market today. This head has a floating frame with wheels on bearings it is a solid frame with the auger bed being wear-resistant steel. Its big feeding channel is hydraulically adjustable from the drivers seat. The head is able to cut very close to the ground. Simplicity, Reliability and Strength are the main qualities of this direct cut mower.

Direct cut your rye. Spray your rye before cutting it down, control when you cut your rye with RoundUp. This saves you money in your harvest operation. (After spraying your rye with RoundUp, wait 30 hours before harvesting it.)


  • 24' x 4.5' x 7.5'

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*No Sales into California or Pennsylvania*


See videos of this model head running. (Not this exact head)


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