Feed Restrictor Plate

Kooima Ag #KUX067

Weight: 13.70 lbs
Replaces OEM#: SUPTUX067

The KUX067 feed restrictor fits on Supreme™ vertical mixer wagons. This is installed on the side of the mixer tub wall, typically one per auger is used.

A feed restrictor is used to restrict material flow as it moves around the mixer augers. Generally, the further the restrictor is installed the faster the ration will process, set too far in, however, the material will move up the side walls and spill out of the mixer.

The KUX067 is manufactured using a high-carbon material ensuring a long service life. Install the feed restrictor using factory settings, no special tools are required. Visually inspect for wear, and replace as needed.

Kooima Ag has over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing high wear quality replacement parts for use in the agriculture community.

Compatible models:
  • Supreme™ Vertical Mixers


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