Front Chromed Sawtooth Kernel Processor Roll With Bearings (124 Tooth)

Kooima Ag #K494MCBF

Weight: 288.00 lbs

The K494MCBF is a 124-tooth sawtooth, chrome-plated front kernel processor roll. This roll is made to fit 494+ multi-crop crackers. Bearings are included and installed on this processor roll. This processor roll is heat-treated.

Kooima Ag has been producing replacement agricultural products for over 30 years. During those years, Kooima Ag has developed a proven track record of providing dependable and durable products at cost savings to our customers.

Compatible models:
  • Claas® 494
  • Claas® 495
  • Claas® 496
  • Claas® 497
  • Claas® 498
  • Claas® 499
  • Claas® 500
  • Claas® 502


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