Koyma Klad® Hi-Performance Narrow Body Double Sine Wave Shear Bar

Kooima Ag #K142406DSW

Weight: 24.70 lbs
Replaces OEM#: HXE86991, HXE29393, HXE142406, HXE101352

This shear bar fits all narrow throat John Deere harvesters. Models 8100 - 8200 - 8300 - 8400 - 8500 and 8600 (SN above 61900 narrow)

This bar is used in conjunction with the cutter drum knives to shear or cut the material harvested as it is fed in by the harvester feed rolls. The K142406DSW is an exclusive to Kooima Ag, the sine wave design of this bar is made to hold the material in place, this helps prevent the crop from migrating towards the sides and keeping it more centered. This design also provides more surface for the cutter drum knives to cut across increasing efficiency during harvest. A heavy duty welded carbide coating ensures a long life in the harshest conditions.

Visually inspect for wear, ragged looking material or increased horsepower requirements are a good indicator that the shear bar would need to be replaced. Install the shearbar by using factory settings, no special tools are required.

Kooima Ag is continuously looking for ways to improve on industry accepted designs. The ability to think outside the box and also having a very knowledgeable customer base to listen to and get ideas from.

  • Patent # 8,109,176 & Patent Pending
Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 8100
  • John Deere® 8200
  • John Deere® 8300
  • John Deere® 8400
  • John Deere® 8500
  • John Deere® 8600 Narrow


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