LH Milled Counter Clockwise Blade HP

Kooima Ag #K50076631HP

Weight: 14.00 lbs
Replaces OEM#: 50076631, 50068273

The K50076631HP Left-hand brush mower blade is a milled knife designed for clearing shrubs, small saplings, grass, weeds, and other brush. Its milled edge ensures clean cutting. It is used on center decks.

Crafted from 5160 steel, this blade boasts an uplift design for easier cutting and reduced encounters with rocks. It's built to last, with a milled edge that holds up as long as a "smashed" edge.

Featuring carbide coating on both the leading milled edge and the bent-up wing, this blade maintains a sharp edge and original shape over time.

With over 30 years of experience, Kooima Ag is your trusted source for high-wear, quality replacement parts for the agricultural community.

Compatible models:
  • Bush Hog® 11815
  • Bush Hog® 12215R1
  • Bush Hog® 12215RR1
  • Bush Hog® 12810
  • Bush Hog® 12810R4
  • Bush Hog® 12810RR4
  • Bush Hog® 12815
  • Bush Hog® 12815R4
  • Bush Hog® 12815RR4
  • Bush Hog® 13810
  • Bush Hog® 13810RR3
  • Bush Hog® 13815
  • Bush Hog® 13815RR3
  • Bush Hog® 14810RR1
  • Bush Hog® 14815RR1
  • Bush Hog® 1815
  • Bush Hog® 2215R1
  • Bush Hog® 2215RR1
  • Bush Hog® 2810
  • Bush Hog® 2810R4
  • Bush Hog® 2810RR4
  • Bush Hog® 2815
  • Bush Hog® 2815R4
  • Bush Hog® 2815RR4
  • Bush Hog® 3810
  • Bush Hog® 3810RR3
  • Bush Hog® 3815
  • Bush Hog® 3815RR3
  • Bush Hog® 4810RR1
  • Bush Hog® 4815RR1


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