Double Roll Adapter to fit New Holland®

Kooima Ag #KFR920

Weight: 1,250.00 lbs

The KFR920 is the latest offering from Kooima Ag, this adapter has an improved crop flow intake system with the additional intake roller on the bottom. Coupled with the standard top intake roller, this adapter is uniquely geared for today's higher horsepower harvesters and larger corn heads. This header adapter provides better clean-out and increased harvesting speed. This new design will help stop the bubbling of corn in front of the feed rolls.

The KFR920 header adapter is used for harvesting just the ears of corn while using a crop row header to make earlage. Earlage is harvested later than silage, giving the producer a longer working window and provides a product that reduces the amount of roughage that needs to be fed as compared to a corn-based ration.

The KFR920 will mount on the front of a New Holland® FR Series self-propelled forage harvester to facilitate the connection between the harvester and a crop row header.

Installation of the KFR920 Header Adapter is the same as hooking up any other implement, you can leave the adapter on the harvester or corn head when not in use. When leaving the adapter on the corn head, it's simply picking up the adapter/corn head and hooking up the PTOs.

These adapters are very robust, many customers have 10 plus years of use from theirs. Replacement of the adapter typically occurs when a customer trades brands or upgrades their harvester.

Kooima Ag is the leader in header adapter manufacturing, continuous testing and implementation of customer requests help us offer one of the best products available.

  • Patent # 10,743,467 and patent # 8,376,126
Compatible models:
  • New Holland® FR9040
  • New Holland® FR9050
  • New Holland® FR9060
  • New Holland® FR9080
  • New Holland® FR9090
  • New Holland® FR450
  • New Holland® FR480
  • New Holland® FR500
  • New Holland® FR550
  • New Holland® FR600
  • New Holland® FR650
  • New Holland® FR700
  • New Holland® FR780
  • New Holland® FR850
  • New Holland® FR920


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