Poly Pickup Header Band

Kooima Ag #KR27015237

Weight: 1.10 lbs
Replaces OEM#: 270152370, 270024560

This pickup band goes on multiple Krone® SPFH pickup headers and square balers. It is used to help feed material into the pickup head. The poly pick up band features a flexible high impact poly. It has a quarter inch support ring on the inside to strengthen and maintain it's shape. Longer bolts are required which are included with part.

Visually inspect the band for wear and replace as needed. You can install to factory settings, no special tools are required for this.

Kooima Ag has been producing replacement agricultural products for over 30 years. During those years Kooima Ag has developed a proven track record of providing a dependable and durable product at a cost savings to our customer.


Krone® SPFH Pick Up Heads:

Easy Flow 300 S / 380 S S/N 913001 - 930000

Easy Flow 300 S / 380 S S/N 930001 - 955000

Easy Flow 300 S / 380 S S/N 955001

Krone® Forage Wagons:

RX 400 GL / RX 400 GD / RX 430 GL S/N 919000

Krone® Big Pack High Speed Square Baler:
BP1270 - BP1290 - BP870 - BP890 - BP4x4

Compatible models:
  • Krone® Easy Flow 300S
  • Krone® Easy Flow 380S
  • Krone® BP4x4
  • Krone® 870 Square Baler
  • Krone® 890 Square Baler
  • Krone® 1270 Square Baler
  • Krone® 1290 Square Baler


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