RH Brush Mower Blade HP

Kooima Ag #K329920HP

Weight: 15.70 lbs
Replaces OEM#: FH329920, W48578

This milled knife is used for clearing shrubs, small saplings, grass, weeds, and other brush. Designed for clean cutting, its milled edge is built to last just as long as a "smashed" edge. Crafted from durable 5160 steel, it ensures longevity even in tough conditions.

Featuring an uplift design, this knife makes cutting easier and minimizes encounters with rocks. Plus, with carbide coating on both the leading milled edge and the bent-up wing, you can count on extended sharpness and durability.

Wondering when it's time for a replacement? Keep an eye out for a curved or worn-down outside edge, or if your machine becomes unbalanced. These signs indicate it's time to replace for continued efficient performance.

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® R20 Rotary Cutter
  • John Deere® M20 Rotary Cutter
  • John Deere® FC20M Rotary Cutter
  • John Deere® FC20R Rotary Cutter
  • John Deere® CX20 Rotary Cutter
  • John Deere® HX20 Rotary Cutter


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