RH Mower Blade 11°

Kooima Ag #K281822

Weight: 0.35 lb

This 11° blade is used to cut grass, hay, alfalfa, and other fodder. The 11° blade is a good middle ground if you have a lot of rocks. This blade features a cold rolled edge for a longer wear life.

To install, bolt this blade to the turtle disc. Replace the blades when the leading edge begins to round, there are large chips from rocks, or any other noticeable differences in the quality compared to new knives.

Kooima Ag has been offering replacement agricultural products for over 30 years. During those years, Kooima Ag has developed a proven track record of providing a dependable and durable product at a cost-saving to our customers.

Compatible models:
  • MacDon® R1 Series
  • MacDon® R2 Series


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