Upper Rear Feed Roll

Kooima Ag #K48677

Weight: 68.00 lbs
Replaces OEM#: AZ51787, AZ48677

The K48677 is the upper rear feed roll that is made to fit all 6000 series and 7200-7580 series John Deere® SPFH. This roll is used to transition material from the header to the cutter drum. The K48677 roll is a Kooima Ag exclusive, more aggressive style feed roll. A more aggressive upper rear roll helps eliminate slugging of material and provides a smoother, more consistent flow of material to the cutter drum.

This roll is made from stainless steel ensuring a long service life. It also features a reversible aggressive design. Install to factory settings, no special tools are required. Visually inspect for wear, and replace as needed. Poor feeding or slugging of material is a good indicator.

Kooima Ag has been producing replacement agricultural products for over 30 years. During those years, Kooima Ag has developed a proven track record of providing dependable and durable products at cost savings to our customers.

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 6610
  • John Deere® 6650
  • John Deere® 6710
  • John Deere® 6750
  • John Deere® 6810
  • John Deere® 6850
  • John Deere® 6910
  • John Deere® 6950
  • John Deere® 7180
  • John Deere® 7200
  • John Deere® 7250
  • John Deere® 7280
  • John Deere® 7300
  • John Deere® 7350
  • John Deere® 7380
  • John Deere® 7400
  • John Deere® 7450
  • John Deere® 7480
  • John Deere® 7500
  • John Deere® 7550
  • John Deere® 7580


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