Vertical Discharge Knife (Counter-Clockwise Rotation)

Kooima Ag #K117140

Weight: 9.45 lbs
Replaces OEM#: Kuhn Knight® 76117140

The K117140 mixer knife is made of a high carbon base material that is milled, heat-treated, and tungsten hard face coated. This knife would be equal to or better than the OEM knife. This knife also has a 30-degree bend in the cutting edge. This allows for more product movement between the augers and gives a more aggressive cut to get rid of dead spots and allow for better discharge of material. The knife turns in a counter-clockwise rotation. Use K144734BK for mounting hardware.

The K117140 fits all Kuhn Knight® vertical mixers. This knife is used for cutting and mixing livestock rations. These are installed using factory settings, no special tools are required. Visually inspect to determine wear, an increased mixing time is a good indicator.

Kooima Ag is one of the very few companies which continuously tests and looks for ways to improve wear and edge retention on our knives. Being the manufacturer and producing these in our Iowa plant allows us to implement changes and run tests without any delays. Also having a high density of dairies and feedlots near our plant allows for year-round testing in a variety of rations.

Compatible models:
  • Kuhn Knight® Vertical Mixers


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