Wagon Hitch - 1.25" Pin

Kooima Ag #K51004

Weight: 46.00 lbs

We are excited about this new product we are offering! When you have a lot of bales to move out of the field in the fall after harvest, you typically do not have a lot of time or manpower. With this new hitch system we have, you can eliminate having a payloader in the field and back at the farm as well as the tractor pulling the bale wagons. This hitch system allows for one person and one payloader to do all the work! Pull your bale wagon out to the field with the payloader and quickly unhook, load up the bales with the loader and then quick attach the payloader to the wagon and head back to the farm to unload the bales with that same payloader! Even better yet, you don't have to leave your cab to hook and unhook the hitch! Think of the time you will be saving your operation each year and the relief of not finding another person to help load!

Mount this hitch on bale wagons. Installation of this is a simple 30 second process of dropping in a pin. The pin is 1.25".

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