Wide Kernel Processor

Kooima Ag #K7000WKP

Weight: 969.00 lbs

Kernel processors are counter-rotating rollers that are used to crack corn kernels. Also known as corn crackers, kernel processors are installed between the cutter head and blower.

On this kernel processor, we installed a 4-groove belt system on the right side which helps the belts last longer and run cooler. The belt system will also give you 15% more power. This processor has a 33% differential pulley speed for more kernel cracking. It is also equipped with fiber tech processor rolls with heat-treat and a chrome finish. The processor features a beveled scraper on the bottom roll.

This kernel processor is fully equipped and ready to drop in on your chopper. It is made to fit all John Deere® 7000 wide series, 7700-7980 choppers.

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 7700
  • John Deere® 7750
  • John Deere® 7780
  • John Deere® 7800
  • John Deere® 7850
  • John Deere® 7950
  • John Deere® 7980


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