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Kooima Ag's introduction of 15 and 20-ton ag trailers is a versatile solution for various farming and agricultural needs. This featured farming operation finds their 15-ton trailer versatile and easy to use for various tasks like hauling silage, earlage, manure, dirt, and grain. The ability to easily maneuver through their feed lots is a valuable feature, as it can save time and effort when transporting these materials within their operation. Using a multi-purpose trailer can be a cost-effective and efficient way to manage different aspects of a farming operation.

Here are some potential uses for this trailer:

1. Silage Transport: As one of its primary purposes, the trailer can efficiently transport silage from the field to storage or feeding areas. It's designed with features to handle the specific demands of silage transport.

2. Grain Hauling: The trailer can also be used for transporting harvested grain from the fields to storage facilities or for sale. Its versatility makes it suitable for various grain types.

3. Manure Stockpiling: The trailer can be used to transport and stockpile manure. This is useful for managing animal waste and fertilizing fields.

4. Compost Hauling: Compost is valuable in agriculture for enriching soil. This trailer can transport compost from composting sites to fields for soil improvement.

5. General Cargo: These versatile trailers can be used for transporting other agricultural materials or equipment as needed.

The adaptability of the Kooima Ag® Trailer makes it a valuable asset for farms and agricultural operations, allowing them to use a single piece of equipment for multiple tasks, saving time and resources.

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