15 Ton Ag Trailer

Kooima Ag #KT44150

Weight: 10,600.00 lbs

The Kooima Ag® Trailer is a versatile piece of equipment designed primarily for hauling silage and grain, but it can be adapted for various other agricultural applications. Here are some potential uses for this trailer:

1. Silage Transport: As one of its primary purposes, the trailer can efficiently transport silage from the field to storage or feeding areas. It's designed with features to handle the specific demands of silage transport.

2. Grain Hauling: The trailer can also be used for transporting harvested grain from the fields to storage facilities or for sale. Its versatility makes it suitable for various grain types.

3. Manure Stockpiling: The trailer can be used to transport and stockpile manure. This is useful for managing animal waste and fertilizing fields.

4. Compost Hauling: Compost is valuable in agriculture for enriching soil. This trailer can transport compost from composting sites to fields for soil improvement.

5. General Cargo: These versatile trailers can be used for transporting other agricultural materials or equipment as needed, such as lime or dry fertilizer products.

The adaptability of the Kooima Ag® Trailer makes it a valuable asset for farms and agricultural operations, allowing them to use a single piece of equipment for multiple tasks, saving time and resources. Using a tractor and wagon can be more convenient because, unlike driving a truck, it usually doesn't demand a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). This makes it accessible to a wider range of individuals for various tasks, especially in smaller-scale transportation or agricultural activities.


  • Rear tipping to unload
  • Full hydraulic rear door
  • 2' side extensions for extra capacity
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Rear manual grain door
  • Flotation tires for less compaction in the field
    • Size: 550/60 - 22.5
  • Welded one-piece tub body
  • Tandem axles
  • Tapered box for easier unloading
  • 741 cu ft volume (600 bushels)
  • 15-ton capacity
  • Lift cylinder volume: 12 gallons
  • Cylinder pressure: 2000 min to 2500 max psi
  • 120HP minimum tractor HP
  • Max Speed: 25 mph

These trailers were not designed for construction-grade work such as hauling rocks, gravel, or dirt.

Give us a call at 800-522-8874 for more information on this ag trailer or email us at sales@kooimaag.com.

15 ton KT44150 Measurements
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Dylan R


We use the Koomia Ag wagon to chop rye and dumping in it with a dump wagon it works great and even better in these saturated fields. Great product got it on a smaller tractor and it handles it no problem no issues at all dumping



Very nice and easy to move snow in the cattle yards. Going to use it to haul manure, snow, chopped rye, and chopped silage this year. Heavy built.

Todd F

Kooima 15 ton wagon

We use it for hauling manure from the cattle yards to the stock pile. We like how fast it unloads. We also use it for harvest in fall when chopping , grinding earcorn and combining wet corn for feed.

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