Earlage Adapters for 6000/7000 Series

K00019 K00075 Header Adapters

Have you wondered what the difference is between our K00019 Header Adapter and our K00075 Header Adapter? Come along with us as we walk through it.

The K00019 fits the 40 and 90 series heads only. For the John Deere® guys – you know there is a 600 and 700 series corn head available. The K00019 will not fit on either of those heads. The gearbox will hit the frame of those heads.

What we did to remedy this was come out with the contour, unified gearbox on the K00075. This gearbox is strategically out of the way to fit on the 600 and 700 series corn head. The K00075 will fit the 90 and 40 series corn heads as well. (This adapter will fit all the corn heads.)

Another difference between the 2 is that the K00019 has a narrower throat. The corn head is designed to start throwing cobs back at 48”. Since there is no chopper with 48” we put the contour 45 degree angle plate (designed and patented) in our K00075 adapter so it can accept corn quicker.

Our flap wheel is another patented feature is the flap wheel. Both have a feed assist impeller located in them they will spin at the right speed of the corn head. The flap wheel on the K00019 is straight, while the flap wheel on the K00075 is contoured. The contour helps with feeding better, faster, and more efficiently.

The next main difference and maybe the most important is the 40 series head, the shaft needs to be in a specific spot. On the K00019, the shaft has to go all the way through to power the right side. Therefore, the floor of the adapter needs to go up (to miss the shaft) and into the chopper. So, when you are using the K00019 adapter, the corn has to go up and into the impeller before the impeller can hit it.

This is not the case for the K00075 adapter. The K00075 has a PTO on it, we put the PTO down so the shaft is out of the way. This allows for a flat floor on the adapter. By moving the shaft out of the way and making the floor flat, the K00075 adapter can feed corn much easier.

Now, if you have a 40 series head with a chain coupler you can still run the K00075 adapter. The only thing is, we will ask you to take the chain coupler off and switch your head to the PTO drive. You can buy kit KAR100 to make this work.

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