K7000WKP Processor

K7000 WKP

The K7000WKP processor is a new product for Kooima Ag. This processor is drop-in ready with all the parts and pieces you need. We have these in stock and ready to ship.

The K7000WKP wide kernel processor is fully assembled at Kooima Ag, so we can sell it and ship it directly to you. This complete unit is drop-in ready. The processor is made to fit John Deere® 7000 series 7700 and up wide-body machines.

We put our best rolls in this processor. These Fiber Tech Chevron Chrome plated rolls allow for good processing in silage and earlage. The rolls are 118 teeth and 130 teeth, so they will spin at different speeds. This will allow for better cracking of kernels and silage. This processor also includes a four-belt system. The four belts allow for more power transmission to the processor. They also run a lot cooler and last longer than the traditional three-belt setup.

This is a processor update kit. We do have this available if you want to update your current processor. All the parts and pieces you need are in the shipping crate.