Serrated Edge Mixer Knives

Serrated Edge Mixer Knives

Let’s talk about mixer knives! At Kooima Ag, we spend a lot of time coming up with new ways to help you mix feed faster and better.

We are now offering new serrated edges on our mixer knives to help you mix your feed better! Follow along with Nolan as he talks through why you should choose the serrated edges!

Nolan went to a local dairy this past week and worked with a customer to get some Kooima Knives in their mixer wagon. They decided to test three different knives in the back of their mixer wagon.

The three knives they tested were: the regular, standard knife K040380; a high-performance knife with serrated edges K385026; and a new knife we are coming out with.

The standard knife is a very common knife. It has our tungsten carbide coating, and smooth edges. Most of these knives are in the front of the auger. The high-performance knives we tested had a serrated edge on them. We usually put these knives at the bottom of the mixer where most of the cutting is happening. Another reason we put these at the bottom is because they are more of a pain to change out and they last a lot longer than the standard knives.

The high-performance knives last longer because it is made with 100% carbide – this is one of our many patents. These knives cut three times faster than the standard versions because they have little serrated bumps on each edge. The new knife we are coming out with is milled and has serrated edges on the cutting blade. We put our very good tungsten carbide coating on the edges to extend the wear life.

Our new knife was strategically placed right in the spot where the bail restrictor is. This is a very small area, so the knife takes a lot of abuse. This knife can touch the bail a little quicker and will actually cut faster. As this knife wears, it will get more little serrations on it, so it will still cut very nice after use.

The Kooima Ag products on the dairy we visited were doing a very good job in the back of the wagon. The bottom of the wagon had the serrated knives, and the top had the standard. We chose to set the mixer up this way because at the bottom of the wagon is where most of the cutting happens, so you want your heavy duty knives at the bottom of the mixer.

Our customer called and said they were experiencing some issues with how the wagon was cutting. Tyler said they had been putting some different forages in their wagon along with some milling and other hay and they were having more hay ration.

Also, along the bottom of they were experiencing some issues with the cut and were running about 13 minutes for time of cutting to get a good process.

So, after testing the knives with Kooima, they noticed that the knives in the front were not cutting as well as the Kooima serrated knives in the back. Tyler said they want to try the knives in the front and will hopefully see less cutting time and more fuel efficiency in the wagon.

Once again, proving that Kooima Ag has the mixing solutions for your mixer wagon. Call us today at 800-522-8874 to get your own set of Kooima Knives or email us at!