HP Bale Slicer Kit

Kooima Ag #K385071HP

Weight: 9.96 lbs

The K385071HP High Performance Bale Slicer is a great product for farmers that are wanting to shorten hay particle length within the same amount of mixing time. This product is used for cutting livestock rations into smaller particles which helps with feeding. Included in the kit is the K385024HPBT HP replacement knife & K385024BITBK bolt kit to mount on the bale slicer weldment. You will need to purchase the K385063BK bolt kit separately as it is needed to mount the bale slicer between the knife and the auger.

The bale slicer is installed on top of the knives that are next to the feed restrictor. The placement of the bale slicer on Jay-lor® and Penta™ vertical wagons, mount the bale slicer on the second and third knives from the bottom. Replace the knife on the slicer when it is straight and doesn't have anymore tungsten carbide on it.

Kooima Ag is one of the very few companies which continuously tests and looks for ways to improve wear and edge retention on our knives. Being the manufacturer and producing these in our Iowa plant allows us to implement changes and run tests without any delays. Also, having a high density of dairies and feedlots close to our plant allows for year-round testing in a variety of rations.

** Patent Pending **

Compatible models:
  • JAY-LOR® Vertical Mixers
  • Penta™ Vertical Mixers


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Brandon C

Cuts mixing time

The bale slicer makes a significant difference in processing time. I run one on the second knife from the bottom, and the top. Having it on top really increases the bale movement in the mixer, and gets it into smaller chunks faster to reach the lower knives. Adding these 2 knives will require extra horsepower, they really put a load on the tractor, which means they're doing their job chopping up the bale.

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