Collab™ Light System (JD® 8000/9000 series) - ** Available Mid Summer **

Kooima Ag #K2000

Turn a Rookie Driver into a Professional Driver with Kooima Ag's new Collab™ Light System!

The Collab™ lights are on the Cutter spout, fender and on the header. They automatically change colors based on where the spout is positioned. The Cutter driver doesn't have to do anything extra! When the spout is back, lights turn green signaling to the truck driver to speed up. When the spout is ahead, lights turn red signaling the truck driver to slow down.


• Hands free operation, the Collab™ system does all the work

• Seamless communication between the harvester and driver, eliminates questions or misunderstandings

• Lights create less stress for new or inexperienced drivers

• Lights located on the spout, fender and header make it easy for the truck driver to know where they need to be

• Even if you have cameras, lights are better at night and in dusty conditions

**Patent Pending**

This Collab™ Light System will fit John Deere® 8000 & 9000 series machines.

Available mid summer. (Give us a call at 800-522-8874 or email for more information)

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 8100
  • John Deere® 8200
  • John Deere® 8300
  • John Deere® 8400
  • John Deere® 8500
  • John Deere® 8600 Narrow
  • John Deere® 8600 Wide
  • John Deere® 8700
  • John Deere® 8800
  • John Deere® 9500
  • John Deere® 9600
  • John Deere® 9700
  • John Deere® 9800
  • John Deere® 9900


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