Collab® Light System Control Box (JD® 8000/9000 series)

Kooima Ag #K2000

This is the Control Box and cables that are required for running any of our Collab® Light Kits. This control box will mount inside your forage harvester cab.

Light Kits to Add on:

Spout Light Kit: K2314 | Best used with Semi trucks

Fender Light Kit: K2313 | Best used with straight trucks and tractors with wagons

Silage Header Light Kit: K2311 | Best used with Semi trucks and straight trucks

Earlage & Haylage Header Light Kit: K2312 | Best used with Semi trucks and large straight trucks

Turn a Rookie Driver into a Professional Driver with Kooima Ag's new Collab® Light System!

The Collab® lights are on the cutter spout, fender, and header. They automatically change colors based on where the spout is positioned. The Cutter driver doesn't have to do anything extra! When the spout is back, the lights turn green, signaling the truck driver to speed up. When the spout is ahead, the lights turn red signaling the truck driver to slow down.


• Hands free operation, the Collab™ system does all the work

• Seamless communication between the harvester and driver, eliminates questions or misunderstandings

• Lights create less stress for new or inexperienced drivers

• Lights located on the spout, fender, and header make it easy for the truck driver to know where they need to be

• Even if you have cameras, lights are better at night and in dusty conditions

**Patent Pending**

This Collab® Light System will fit John Deere® 8000 & 9000 series machines. It will also work on JD® 7000 series in Manual Mode.

Give us a call at 800-522-8874 or email for more information.

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 8100
  • John Deere® 8200
  • John Deere® 8300
  • John Deere® 8400
  • John Deere® 8500
  • John Deere® 8600 Narrow
  • John Deere® 8600 Wide
  • John Deere® 8700
  • John Deere® 8800
  • John Deere® 9500
  • John Deere® 9600
  • John Deere® 9700
  • John Deere® 9800
  • John Deere® 9900


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Steve F

Won't chop without it

Been in the custom chopping for alot of years and absolutely love the Collab light system!
Best part about it is that I set my green and red light set points for the automatic feature at the beginning of the season and don't touch it again all season. Let the automatic light feature do the talking to the truckers for you, to speed up or slow down just by moving the spout where you need to fill on the truck.
I can honestly count on one hand during last years silage and earcorn season that I had to grab the 2-way and tell a trucker to pull ahead or backup.
We cut a 5th cutting of hay after earcorn last year and we were in a hurry to switch cutter over, 12 row spout extension off, processor out, ect.ect. We thought it's only 100 acres we're not going to take the time to put light on the short spout extension and hay head. I told trucks to pull ahead and backup more in them 100 acres than I did all silage and earcorn season! Needless to say the lights are on for hay season this year!!

Henry M

Fast Learning

Help a lot with drivers that didn't know much English, they caught on fast and didn't have to the use the radio that much. Got fuller trucks from this system. Very easy to install, plug and play!


Would Recommend

Been running chopper for over 50 years and I like this Collab light system a lot. Lots of times when you are trying to fill the back of trucks they take off, the lights help keep them where I want to fill the whole truck. Even truck drivers that have been driving for a long time use it and like it. We run a 12 row head and there is no time to grab the radio when you are trying to watch everything. I do not use the auto-fill feature from Claas because this system works better.

Kyle V

Better Filling of Trucks

We like the Collab light system. It saves clutches on trucks, less spilling, better stopping at the end of rows, way less time on the CB radio.

Two new drivers caught on right away, didn't talk to them once on the CB radio.

Drivers watch the one on the header the most. Must keep it on for next year!

Vern V

Like them

As a truck driver I was skeptical to get started but with longer trailers Collab is helpful to get loaded and be in the correct spot. I like them!

Devin Borck

Great system for new drivers

We put the system on one of our choppers. It works great for new drivers. Only after three hours of using it we ordered two more for our other two choppers. Once the drivers figure it out, they love it.

Chance D

Load up on efficiency

After running the system for a couple days the drivers really like it and so does the chopper operator. Drivers took to it within a couple loads. RED and GREEN lights need very little explaining on what they mean. Also once you have your set points programmed to your preference no more input is required from the operator.

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