12-Row Knife Kit

Kooima Ag #KK772TC

Weight: 145.00 lbs
Replaces OEM#: LCA66037, LCA66038

This knife kit is used to replace all of the knives and bolts on a John Deere® 772 rotary header. These knives are used to cut silage and other feed.

The knives in this kit are treated with tungsten carbide, giving them a longer wear life. These should be installed with the tungsten carbide facing up.

The knives should be replaced when the teeth start to get rounded instead of holding a strong, sharp point. Typically, when there is a 1/4" or less of tungsten carbide left on the leading edge.

Kit Includes:

Hard-Surfaced Blades with Tungsten Carbide Edge:

  • Advanced Coating Technology:
    • These blades feature a hard-facing coating coupled with a wear-sharp surface.
    • The hard-faced side boasts exceptional durability, prolonging the blade's lifespan.
  • Self-Sharpening Advantage:
    • Uniquely designed to wear asymmetrically—the back side wears faster than the hard-faced side.
    • As it wears, the backside gradually forms a sharp edge, effectively self-sharpening during use.
  • Tungsten Carbide Enhancement:
    • Embedded with tungsten hard-facing for added resilience and longevity.
    • This tungsten edge ensures consistent sharpness, enhancing cutting efficiency.
  • High Popularity:
    • Widely acclaimed and highly sought-after due to its self-sharpening feature and extended lifespan.

These hard-surfaced blades epitomize innovation, utilizing advanced coating technology and a self-sharpening mechanism. The combination of hard-facing and tungsten enhancements ensures prolonged durability and consistent cutting performance, making them a popular choice among users seeking longevity and self-maintenance in their replacement blades.

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 772


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