Kooima® Ag Skid Trner® Composter

Kooima Ag #CT0800

Weight: 2,000.00 lbs

Kooima® Ag Skid Trner® Composter

  • High capacity compost turner to attach to a skid loader
  • Designed for easy serviceability
  • Drum designed to throw material back farther with less horsepower
  • 3" Diameter tube on rotor means more rigidity and higher throughput
  • Heavy duty design specifically for tough materials
  • Great for composting grass, leaves and mulch
  • Made in the USA!
  • Paddle design patent: #10,617,061- incorporates more oxygen into the pile
  • Patent Pending


  • Tunnel Dimensions:
    • 8 ft wide x 4 ft tall
  • Trner® and Skid Loader Dimensions:
    • 14' wide
  • Skid Loader Requirements:
    • Minimum lift capacity 1600 lbs.
  • Working:
    • Ø 24"
  • Hydraulic flow
    • Preferred 26 GPM but 18 GPM minimum
  • Hydraulic Pressure
    • At least 3000 PSI
  • Standard flow hydraulic hookups (no high flow)
  • We have put our Skid Trner® on many skid loaders including:
    • Caterpillar®, Bobcat®, New Holland®, Gehl® and Kubota®
  • Typically the skid loader is driving at .3 MPH

** The CT0800 Trner® does not qualify for free shipping**

Compatible models:
  • Kooima® Ag Skid Trner®

CT0800 Operation Manual



  • Cost efficient - Less material to haul (in most cases over 50% less than raw material)
  • Better fertilizer - Compost feeds the soil and improves moisture retention. (Especially useful in sandy soils)
  • Weed seed control - Composted material naturally breaks down unwanted weed seed and pathogens.
  • Creates more worm activity - Composted material creates a more beneficial environment for worm propagation reducing soil compaction
  • Easy to spread - With less moisture composted material is easier to spread and can be done year round.
  • Less hauling restrictions - Composted material is a fertilizer with less restrictions compared to transporting a raw product.
  • Increased soil productivity - Composted material encourages the slow release of nitrogen and lowers the carbon to nitrogen ratio making nitrogen more available to plants.
  • Larger harvest - Compost creates more tons/bushels per acre compared to commercial fertilizers

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