Kooima Ag® Trner® Composter

Kooima Ag #CT1400

Weight: 11,500.00 lbs

Features and Advantages of the Kooima Ag® Windrow Trner® Composter:

At Kooima Ag, our focus is helping friends farm better by creating new products that help in everyday operations. Our high-capacity compost windrow turner, the Trner Composter, has many features and advantages that make it stand out against the competition.

Proudly made in the USA, the Trner Composter has a tough, box design. This heavy-duty design is built to handle tough materials and is proven in harsh conditions! We tested the Trner Composter against competitors and found, in most cases, the Kooima Ag turner was able to process significantly higher tons of raw material. The Trner Composter is typically used for manure and larger compost materials. We have also used the Trner Composter for animal mortality composting (see tips below).

The Trner Composter has a higher clearance making it more suitable for larger piles. The turner's hydraulically driven wheel offers more speed and traction. There is a 3" diameter through shaft on the drum, adding more rigidity and throughput. This drum is designed to throw material back farther with less horsepower. The Trner Composter is road towable with a tongue that easily pivots for transportation. Our patented paddle design (U.S. Patent # 10,617,061; CAN. Patent # 3,020,147) helps incorporate more oxygen into the pile. It's easy to service and has the lowest operation cost per ton!


  • Tunnel Dimensions: 14 ft wide by 7 ft tall
  • Tractor Requirements: 130 HP min. 300 HP max.
  • Drum:Ø 14" Working:Ø 36"
US Patent : #10,617,061; Canadian Patent : #3,020,147
** The CT1400 Trner® does not qualify for free shipping**
Compatible models:
  • Kooima Ag® Trner®

Check this for tips on mortality composting

Field tips for successful composting

Check this for the USDA composting protocol

Article from the U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDA Mortality Composting Protocol

Find more resources on Mortality Composting from the US Composting Council®

CT1400 Operation Manual


Benefits of Compost:

  • Cost efficient - Less material to haul (in most cases over 50% less than raw material)
  • Better fertilizer - Compost feeds the soil and improves moisture retention. (Especially useful in sandy soils)
  • Weed seed control - Composted material naturally breaks down unwanted weed seed and pathogens.
  • Creates more worm activity - Composted material creates a more beneficial environment for worm propagation reducing soil compaction
  • Easy to spread - With less moisture composted material is easier to spread and can be done year round.
  • Less hauling restrictions - Composted material is a fertilizer with less restrictions compared to transporting a raw product.
  • Increased soil productivity - Composted material encourages the slow release of nitrogen and lowers the carbon to nitrogen ratio making nitrogen more available to plants.
  • Larger harvest - Compost creates more tons/bushels per acre compared to commercial fertilizers.


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Jon W

Turning lime

We use water treatment lime on our farm to correct Ph and supply calcium. It is 45% moisture and needs to be dried to around 30% as well as grind it into a finer powder. The lime comes out of the plant in 4-8” chunks. The lime is much heavier and denser than manure and after trying a different composter that was inadequate we saw how well the Kooima was built and purchased one in the spring of 2022. After grinding 4,200 tons of wet lime the turner exceeded expectations and handled it with ease. The hydraulic end wheel allowed it to grind through the pile evenly, this is a must have feature for us.

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