Koyma Klad® Silage Plus Processor (7700-7980 Wide Body)

Kooima Ag #SC3006

Weight: 1,150.00 lbs
  • To fit all 7700-7980 wide body John Deere®
  • This processor offers a new and more efficient way to process your silage, saving fuel and gaining capacity. Here at Kooima, we've been making knives and shearbars for over 30 years. That same extended life coated technology is applied to the teeth in this disc processor. We haven't seen any measurable wear on processors with over 190,000 tons of silage run through the disc.
  • Patent: 9833785

Customer Testimonial

"We have used the Kooima processor for 3 years. It does a great job of processing with good chopper through put. Our nutritionist says it is some of the best processed corn silage he has sampled. The longevity of the rolls seem to be very good also." - Mark Sahr, Sahrside Dairy

Compatible models:
  • John Deere® 7700
  • John Deere® 7750
  • John Deere® 7780
  • John Deere® 7800
  • John Deere® 7850
  • John Deere® 7950
  • John Deere® 7980


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