Collab Light System

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The Collab® Light System is a helpful tool to help cutter operators and truck drivers communicate during harvest season. This system will allow the cutter operators to tell the truck drivers when the driver needs to move ahead (speed up) or move back (slow down). It also allows the operator to notify the driver when they are full. When using the collab™ signals, an operator can use the green light to signal that the driver should speed up or the red light to signal the driver to slow down.

Collab® is easy to use. You can either use it in manual mode or auto mode. Manual mode is useful when an operator wants to signal a driver that they should move without moving the spout. Auto mode can be programmed to specific zones, so the lights will turn on and off within the specified zones.

The Collab® Light System has lights for your spout, fender, and header. It also comes with a hand switch to use in manual mode. Additional components to use with the system can be purchased separately. These include a foot pedal to be used in manual mode and a mount for the control box inside the cab of the cutter.

This Collab® Light System will fit John Deere® 8000 & 9000 series machines as well as Claas® 494 and newer series machines (Your Claas® machine needs the spout position sensor plastic sprocket in order for Collab® to work, it is located on the cab side of the spout ring gear.)

Turn your rookie drivers into professional drivers!

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Collab Light Systems and Components