Compost Turner: A Best-Use Guide (2022)

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Why should you purchase the Kooima Ag Trner Composter?

Proudly made in the USA, the Trner Composter has a tough, box design. This heavy-duty design is built to handle tough materials and is proven in harsh conditions! We tested the Trner Composter against competitors and found, in most cases, the Kooima Ag turner was able to process significantly higher tons of raw material.

What is the turner composter used for?

The Trner Composter is typically used for manure and larger compost materials. We have also used the Trner Composter for animal mortality composting. We have videos showing how to use the composter for both manure and carcass composting.

What are the size, dimensions, and specifications of the trner composter?

The tunnel dimensions for the Trner Composter are 14 feet wide by 7 feet tall. This offers a higher clearance for larger piles. The drum diameter is 14 inches. The working diameter is 36 inches. We do have a recommended tractor requirement, which is 130 HP minimum and 300 HP maximum.

What makes the Kooima Ag Turner Composter better than others?

The turner's hydraulically driven wheel offers more speed and traction. There is a 3 inch diameter through shaft on the drum, adding more rigidity and throughput. This drum is designed to throw material back farther with less horsepower. Our patented paddle design (patent #10,617,061) helps incorporate more oxygen into the pile. It's easy to service and has the lowest operation cost per ton!

Can the Kooima Ag compost turner be taken down the road for transport?

Yes, the Trner Composter is road-towable. We installed a tongue that easily pivots for transportation.

What are some benefits of composting?

Composting is cost-efficient. With less material to haul, in most cases over 50% less than raw material, you can save time and money by transporting fewer loads. It is a better fertilizer. Composted material feeds the soil and improves moisture retention. This is especially useful in sandy soils. Compost is great for weed seed control. This occurs from the naturally generated heat of the compositing process; the high temperature created will destroy weed seeds and kill unwanted pathogens. Compost creates more worm activity. It creates a more beneficial environment for worm propagation reducing soil compaction. Compost is easy to spread. With less moisture, composted material is easier to spread and can be done year-round. Compost has fewer hauling restrictions. Composted material is a fertilizer with fewer restrictions compared to transporting a raw product. Compost increases soil productivity. This material encourages the slow release of nitrogen and lowers the carbon to nitrogen ratio, making nitrogen more available to plants. Compost can help with a larger harvest. Compost creates more tons or bushels per acre compared to commercial fertilizers.

Is the large compost windrow turner the only trner offered by Kooima Ag?

No, we also offer a smaller skid loader model the CT0800. This is great for smaller operations and other materials. Some materials the Skid Trner will work well for are: grass, leaves, mulch, chicken manure, cattle manure, and more! This model will attach to a skid loader and has a high capacity.

Is there more information available for the Kooima Ag Trner Composter?

Yes! We have manuals, videos, and informational packets to help you get all the information you need. Our sales team is also very knowledgeable and can talk to you about other details as well. Give our team a call at (800) 522-8874 or email us at with any questions or information requests! Also, see our YouTube Channel for all of our videos about composting.


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