Kemper™ 475 10-Row, JD® 770 10-Row Kit

Kooima Ag #KK770TC

Weight: 115.00 lbs
Replaces OEM#: LCA66037, LCA66038, LCA67746, LCA95957

Hard-Surfaced Blades with Tungsten Carbide Edge:

  • Advanced Coating Technology:
    • These blades feature a hard-facing coating coupled with a wear-sharp surface.
    • The hard-faced side boasts exceptional durability, prolonging the blade's lifespan.
  • Self-Sharpening Advantage:
    • Uniquely designed to wear asymmetrically—the back side wears faster than the hard-faced side.
    • As it wears, the backside gradually forms a sharp edge, effectively self-sharpening during use.
  • Tungsten Carbide Enhancement:
    • Embedded with tungsten hard-facing for added resilience and longevity.
    • This tungsten edge ensures consistent sharpness, enhancing cutting efficiency.
  • High Popularity:
    • Widely acclaimed and highly sought-after due to its self-sharpening feature and extended lifespan.

These hard-surfaced blades epitomize innovation, utilizing advanced coating technology and a self-sharpening mechanism. The combination of hard-facing and tungsten enhancements ensures prolonged durability and consistent cutting performance, making them a popular choice among users seeking longevity and self-maintenance in their replacement blades.

Knowing when to replace this product is primarily based on visual inspection for wear and potential cracking. Signs of wear or damage, such as slugging or poor feeding of material, indicate the need for replacement.

Compatible models:
  • Kemper™ 475
  • Kemper™ 475+
  • John Deere® 770
  • John Deere® 770+


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