Serrated Aggressive Blade LH

Kooima Ag #KK130175

Weight: 2.00 lbs
Replaces OEM#: LCA67746

Take your cutting to the next level with these new aggressive style cutting knives! Milled, Heat treated and Tungsten carbide coated blades cut through grass and stalks cleaner and easier, reducing the stress on your header gearboxes. With a sharp cutting edge right of the box you'll see the difference on day one.

Serrated Aggressive Knife:

  • Precision Milled Edge:
    • Engineered with a meticulously milled edge, ensuring razor-sharpness straight out of the box.
    • This precision edge guarantees immediate cutting efficacy, ideal for optimizing harvesting efficiency.
  • Enhanced Performance:
    • Designed to reduce power requirements on the gearboxes, enhancing overall efficiency.
    • Enables easier material penetration, facilitating smoother and more efficient cutting.
  • Advanced Coating and Material:
    • Hard face coating on the back side, utilizing high-density carbide for superior durability.
    • The welded-style application ensures superior adherence to the blade, surpassing the sprayed-on coatings of competitors.
  • Superior Adherence and Longevity:
    • The welded style of high-density carbide coating ensures exceptional adherence to the blade's surface.
    • This superior adherence, coupled with the high-quality material, ensures prolonged durability and cutting performance.

These serrated aggressive knives stand out with their precision milled edge, optimizing cutting performance right from the start. With advanced coating technology and superior material adherence, they provide enhanced efficiency, reduced power requirements, and prolonged durability—a testament to innovation in optimizing harvesting operations.

  • To fit JD® 684 4-row, 686 6-row, 688 8-row, 710 10-row
  • To fit Kemper™ 330 4-row, 345 6-row, 360 and 6008 8-row, 375 10-row
  • 4 per drum
  • Drum turns counter clockwise
  • Install tungsten carbide side up
Compatible models:
  • Kemper™ 330
  • Kemper™ 345
  • Kemper™ 345+
  • Kemper™ 360
  • Kemper™ 360+
  • Kemper™ 375
  • Kemper™ 375+
  • Kemper™ 390+
  • Kemper™ 475
  • Kemper™ 475+
  • Kemper™ 6008
  • John Deere® 684
  • John Deere® 686
  • John Deere® 688
  • John Deere® 690
  • John Deere® 692
  • John Deere® 698
  • John Deere® 710
  • John Deere® 770
  • John Deere® 770+


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